Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back From The Great Adventure

Diane and I have just returned from the great adventure of kayaking the Grand Canyon. With fourteen remarkable friends, we paddled 225 miles over 18 days from Lee's Ferry, Arizona to Diamond Creek. Our party consisted of 7 oarsmen on rafts and 9 kayakers. We were totally self-sufficient, carrying all of our provisions and equipment on the rafts and camping along the river. We had a sat phone for emergencies, but in the Canyon, even with a satellite phone, service is very sketchy. I'll have some photos posted somewhere soon and tall tales to tell.

The photos above are Diane and I at the take out, a view downriver from the Ansazi granaries at Nankoweap, and a rainbow over the canyon at one of our camps.

I got out on the bike Saturday for the first time in three weeks. It was tough coming back to civilization AND cool weather! My kayak-adapted rear also protested the return to the saddle! I went out and climbed Wye this afternoon and suffered about as much as expected but the beautiful day made it worthwhile.

NOTE: This has probably been discussed on various boards, but Pinnacle Valley Road is a mess due to utility construction. I'd describe it as unridable from Hwy 10 to Two Rivers.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. I know you had 18 days of majestic scenery peppered with the sheer terror of being overcome by mother-nature-- right down your alley.

And look at you w/ your shirt off-- at 54 yrs young, no less-- and with a beautiful Lass by your side.

Geez, I only take my shirt off at the doctor's office...and they make fun of me. Rodney's not the only lacking a little respect!