Sunday, March 1, 2009

Notes from Sunday ride...

I just got in from our Sunday group ride. It starts from Two Rivers Park west of Little Rock and covers about 33 moderately hilly miles. I usually ride from home to bump the distance up to about 60 miles, but today I looked outside at the wind-whipped trees and the snow on rooftops and made the decision to drive to my ride. This is billed as a leisurely ride, but as with all good rides,word gets out, more riders show up and the pace leaves leisure behind. I was reminded of two very basic principles today:

1) Training pays off, especially high intensity training like intervals.

2) I should try it.

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Ironman said...

You would think compiling a certain amount of endurance miles would equal a few high intensity miles. You should get 50 high intensity miles for every 500 endurance miles. Training would be so much easier.