Friday, March 13, 2009

Boring rollercoaster

Well, boring could describe my long-winded post below. The idea was to give the mechanically disinterested a simple perspective on mechanics, but it turned out to be proof-positive that I can't communicate in Tweets.
It also describes the weather over the last few days. Tuesday, I was all atwitter at jumping into a ride with my buds, sweat soaking my bibs, bugs and grime stuck to my legs and salt streaks on my helmet straps. I went to the river for my regular solo ride and it seemed like everybody in town was out. Good stuff. Then winter reappeared. Cold. Rain. Snow. Wind. Riding has been out of the question so I've been stuck here in the bunker toying with the idea of running, but, frankly, I just haven't had the heart to dress and head out the door. After putting on a few pounds over the winter, I went sub-150 on the scales this week, so I substituted cinnamon rolls for base miles and a cherry pie for a couple of climbs. I think it will all even out.

I'm already spoiled to Spring, so I'm going to wait it out.

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