Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spokes Brings Felt Bike Demo

The bike builders seem to all have their demo rigs out on the road and Felt is no exception. The fine folks at Spokes will be hosting a Felt bike demo at the NLR submarine this Saturday and, as I understand, they'll have something for everybody, from "lifestyle" bikes to mountain and road rigs.
Here is the lowdown from Regina Seelinger of Spokes:

Are you ready for FELT'S RIDE AND BELIEVE FACTORY DEMO TOUR? It's happening this Saturday, March 24th, 10:00-4:00, Submarine/River Queen parking area, 100 Riverfront Park Drive, NLR. Felt will provide a wide range of bicycles with on-site Felt staff to answer questions. Please bring your helmet, pedals, shoes, photo ID, and a credit card. FELT...the most sought after bikes in the world!

These bike demos are a great opportunity to ride your dream bike or just to get a taste of current technology. I was about to suggest that in addition to your helmet, pedals, shoes and photo ID that you take a fresh credit card, but I see that Regina covered that.

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