Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Laying It Down: Fresh Asphalt

I mentioned last week that the climb to Fort Roots was being repaved. The job is done and the result is a more pleasant climb and the potential for flying descents.
Chuck and Bob doing some high speed posing for me.

Fresh blacktop makes for a sweet, sure feeling under the wheels.

Always be aware that Fort Roots is a VA medical facility and ride responsibly. The VA would prefer that large ride groups stop short of the gates.

BDB West Ramp Bypass 

The temporary bypass trail west of the BDB has deteriorated to the point that it resembles a gravel path. I contacted Sherman Smith with Pulaski County and he responded quickly that they are on it! If my experience with Sherman is any indication, we'll have smooth rolling very soon. This is a temporary trail and it is in an area that stays pretty wet, so I don't expect the trail to be much more than just serviceable. The new ramp should be open by fall.


Vinny F said...

I swear they paved portions of Fort Roots with Teflon, I can't wait to check out the new pavement.

JBar said...

Vinny, my man, it feels like Teflon! The extraordinary nature of the surface almost, but not quite, allows you to coast UP the hill.