Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Julie Blog

OK, there's this chick in NYC named Julie who writes a very entertaining blog. Here's a little of what she has to say for herself:

I'm an Urban Girl Scout in New York City. I live on the Upper East Side and I always carry a camera - whether it's just my cell phone, a disposable, a toy camera or my DSLR, I'm always prepared to document the events of the day. (But mostly I use a rough & tough Pentax Optio H90)

April '10, I started almost-daily bicycle commuting. I try to ride in the clothes I plan to wear to work or whatever event I'm going to, and I take a lot of Bicycle Outfit photos and discuss that here, but I also talk about random stuff, adventures, stuff I bought, etc.


Julie is not only fun, funny and fashionable, she's also an Arkansas girl and you'll occasionally see her comments posted on JBar Cycling. She was a Brownie with Chelsea Clinton and has been around the kitchen with Martha Stewart. At times, I feel like I'm reading the adventures of a cute, urbane, female Forrest Gump. She recently shared this video of her commute, and after watching her passage through Times Square, I plan to stop complaining about having to ride on the sidewalk along Cantrell Road. Check out her video below (She advises turning down the sound as the video has been sped up and the audio is a mess) and take a look at her blog. Tell her JBar sent you!


Chris said...

I enjoy her blog as well. I'm glad my commute isn't quite that intense - although I imagine the speed adds to that effect. Looks like she's got to squeeze through some pretty tight spaces though.

Anonymous said...

Julie, you may like the non-fiction book Before I sleep by F.H. Thurmond. About growing up in Arkansas and moving to a big city. Thanks for the blog post Jbar.

Unknown said...

You're so funny! Am I like Forest Gump? I guess I am a little bit. I'm going to post some of the tight parts of my commute in real-time. It's still a wild ride at 14 mph :)

Anonymous said...

LOL no I met the author, he is in the 40's age group and grew up with Heavy Metal music. Thought you or the Hubby may like it. GenX type of book. Enjoyed your blog, my wife is on the hunt for some Lee jeans. Take care.

Anonymous said...

For the city or bike path maybe?
Train horn attached to bicycle

JBar said...

Julie, I meant that in the context of the many places that you seem to show up, like Forrest in Nixon's Oval Office and you with the Clinton family. You're a girl who gets around! JB