Friday, May 28, 2010

River Trail Station: Riverfest Oasis

Once again, David Fike of River Trail Station and Bike Rental will provide free bike parking at his facility for Riverfest-going cyclists. With all of the primary activities on the Little Rock side this year, it will also be a nice place to escape some of the crowd and relax with a cold beverage.

Trixie and the hound will provide security, but I'd suggest that you bring your own bike lock. Fortunately David was around, so the guard dogs allowed me to retrieve my bike.

David is always very gracious, but he is also running a business. If you stop in to take a load off  your feet and use the bathroom, buy something! He has cold beer (better, colder and cheaper than the plastic cup swill of the fest!), soft drinks and snacks..
David said he would be around until 9:00 or until activity dropped off.

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