Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flagrant Mis-statements and Hitting the Road

Well, in my last post, I extolled the merits of the CARTI Tour De Rock by referring to it as the "Tour de Cure" twice in the opening paragraph. David Holsted dropped me a note to tell me that some big improvements are in store for next year (and this year's event was VERY well done, so that can only mean an outstanding Tour!) and he was too gracious to point out my errors, though I'm surprised the rest of you let me get away with it. Most folks know my hide is pretty thick, so I assume that both of my other readers just chuckled and let me dangle in the full light of my ineptitude. Thanks folks!
Diane and I, along with our pure-bred blue-eyed, flop-eared, leopard-spotted, bob-tailed dog, Zuli, headed out for Colorado this week. Old dog Josie is just too feeble to travel much these days, so she is hanging at home in the care of family while we visit friends in the Salida area to do some riding and boating. The drive across western Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle and NE New Mexico always makes me ponder a few things. For one, you've got time to ponder a lot because it is, for the most part, some damn boring country with expansive views of, well, not much. I always wonder about the kids who grow up on these isolated farms and ranches, where the nearest neighbor is miles away. Their ties to their families and their world view have just got to be much different from those of us who are exposed daily to masses of other people.

We make this trip almost every summer and for years we made it a point to stop in Clayton, NM, at the HiHo Cafe for huevos rancheros. Three years back, a kitchen fire shut the HiHo for good. This year, Diane noticed that it had re-opened under the name of Desperados, or at least that's that the large new sign said. We wheeled in and I noticed the the menus said, "Rabbit Ear Cafe". Turns out Desperados was short-lived, but the sign is a good one and it out-lasted the entity. The Rabbit Ear had previously occupied a shabby little spot down the road and we had only joked about trying it. Turns out they can turn out the huevos, so the spot is back on our list of irregular stops. I'm off to bed before I say anything else that doesn't make sense, but look forward to filling you in on FIBArk and the Hooligan Race, along with whatever else we run across.

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