Friday, April 17, 2009

My first retraction!!

In a post below in "Along The Trail", I incorrectly identified the pipeline going in at Cook's landing as a new fresh water line. It is actually a drain from from the bermed area being used for material dredged from in front of the hydro plant to allow excess water to run back to the river.

Nobody busted me on this, but in the interest of truth and justice, I did a little research. This particular research consisted of yelling to one of the workers, " Hey, is this pipe to drain the water out of there?"
To which he relied with an authoritative, "Yep."


Ironman said...

It is so hard to find a good journalist that gets the facts before publishing the article. LOL.

JBar said...

It's probably even harder to find one who checks his facts after publication and BEFORE he's exposed by some reputable, hard-hitting newsman like, say, Stephen Colbert.