Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick River Trail Update

As of yesterday, the River Trail is now passable with a couple of considerations. Parts of the Isabella Jo Trail still have water, but from the east, you can take the Campbell Lake/ Northshore Trail to Hoopers Crossing, then Isabella Jo to Cook's Landing Road. At Burns Park, take the road in front of the dog park to avoid deep, sticky mud on the trail in front of Victory Lake (ski lake). I didn't ride yesterday, but I got the pleasure of helping Diane clean the muck off of her bike after she chose the trail here.


David L. Williams said...

Thanks for the update. I'm headed out now.

Anonymous said...

I rode Monday afternoon and the North Little Rock Parks Dept. had already swept the trails of sticky mud and debris. They also are undertaking some fill work to protect the trail by the rock quarry from falling into the river. All of us cyclists owe a thanks to NLR for their dilgent maintenance of the trials.