Monday, May 3, 2010

Catching up!

OK, I know that I've been remiss in keeping up even my own self-imposed responsibility of semi-regular posts, but I've been in a bit of a quandary. Every day when the weather is good, I feel compelled to go ride my bike. When the weather is threatening, I feel like I need to squeeze in a quick ride, and when it clears off after a stormy morning, I can't waste a chance to get on my bike. In other words, I've been riding almost every day, eating late and going to bed happy and tired. Motivation to write has been hard to come by, so that's my only excuse and I think it's a good one.

I haven't been totally remiss in scouting for news. I spied this high-rider while checking out the Earth Day celebration at NLR's Riverfront Park.

I had a few questions for the rider, but his only question for me was, "Does my outfit look OK?"

Sometimes, we pass something almost every day and it just becomes part of the background. Then, one day, the simple beauty of a small scene like the one in the photo below presents itself to you.

These flowers at the Little Rock foot of the BDB are worthy of notice.

Snacks can be found along the river, including mulberries, plums and blackberries, each in their own time. I'm still hoping to spot some muscadines along one of my ride routes.

After watching folks harvest mulberries from this tree last year, I sampled them and found them to be tasty and sweet. These ones are not quite ripe and many of the more ripe fruit had been knocked to the ground by rain and wind.

Progress continues on the Two Rivers Bridge. The parking situation around the parks resulting from the construction seems to have worked itself out, though rainy weekends may also be keeping use numbers down.

Joe Martin Stage Race

This NRC stage race is a national level professional bike race. If you want to see some high-level domestic racing, head to northwest Arkansas this weekend.

Livestrong Ride and Patio Party

Tuesday, May 4 at River Trail Station/ Bike Rental at 5:30PM; ride at 6:00
Free subs, cheap beer, Team Rubicon-Orbea boys, swag, live music, probably some people you know and perhaps even some people that you like!
Bring money for raffle tickets. Of course, there's always a hook, so just ante up. You might win something!

Off in the dirt.....

Shipwreck, it is!

Bryan Shipman and Josh Joyce providing a little refinement to the new trail, called "Shipwreck". It connects 5-Mile Trail to Merlin's Trail, joining each of them just a few yards from their respective intersections with Pipeline by way of a switchback laden route down the side of the hill.

The woods are changing rapidly as the canopy fills in, providing shade, but also blocking out and flattening light, and the understory is filling in, reaching to the edges of the trail and blocking the line-of-sight. Hell, I've just learned to look up the trail instead of at my front wheel and now all I can see is shrubbery, but spring is grand and it is progressing nicely, though the weekend weather patterns have left a bit to be desired.

That's about it for now. I need to get to bed. I've got a ride scheduled for after work tomorrow!

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