Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Short Takes: Odds and Ends

Trail Bounty:

Add a huge crop blackberries to the harvesting and snacking opportunities along the trail. I've noticed quite a few folks picking the berries, some filling containers for later use and many just enjoying the berries out-of-hand. I stopped Saturday and ate my fill as a supplement to my power bar and then Diane went down Sunday and picked a gallon.

A variety of blackberries. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

What could be better than fresh picked berries? Fresh picked berries with toasty oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon baked in a blackberry crisp, of course! I couldn't resist this, either. Ice cream optional, but I recommend it.

Bridge progress:

This crane on a barge is facilitating the boring for bridge piers.

Progress is evident in this shot of the piers lining out toward Two Rivers park.

National Bike To Work Week:
Saddle up and get to work! On the local front, this Friday is Bike to Work Day. I'd rather just bike to fun, but here's the low-down from the ABC:

Friday, May 21, is Bike to Work Day. Get to the pavilion at the NLR Riverfront RV park (just down river from the I-30 bridge) at 7:00 AM for some food and a short rally. A group will leave Cook's Landing with Tom Ezell at 6:30 AM and another group will leave from Murray Park. Jim Britt, will come down the river from River Mt. Road and go by Murray Park Pavilion #1-2 at 6:30 and by the dog park on the way down to the Broadway Bridge to cross the river. These rides have no police escort so here is no need or desire to bunch up while on the roads. Please plan to obey traffic laws and don't obstruct traffic.

Ride Of Silence:
The National Ride of Silence takes place at 7:00PM on Wednesday, May 19 in memory of those who have been killed or injured while riding on our roadways. The Little Rock ride departs from the LR side of the Big Dam Bridge.


CARP Ride:
If you've been itching to ride the single-track of Camp Robinson with a bunch of bottom-feeders, here's your opportunity. Wednesday, May 19, meet at the Christmas Tree at 6:15 PM. That's 18:15 if you are one of those folks who slips into military time as you pass through the Camp Robinson gates. If you don't know where the Christmas Tree is, be at the CARP parking lot at 6:00 and some helpful soul will likely ease (or enhance) your confusion or you can refer to the new map on the sign board at the parking lot.
And, on the subject of itching, I suggest that you employ some bug spray or just keep moving! Camp is no worse than anywhere else, but it is May in Arkansas and the biting critters are thriving.

Note: None of us are sure about the Sportsman's Pass requirements, but I've not heard of anyone being turned away....yet! Picture ID, proof-of-insurance and auto registration required in lieu Sportsman's Pass. CARP card required either way. Skip down and read earlier posts on the topic if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

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