Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cool Saturday Morning: Perfect For The Trail

Today broke clear and quite cool and, unlike the previous few Saturdays, there was no hint of rain, so rather than get out my knee warmers, I loaded up Willie dog and headed out to Camp Robinson with my mountain bike. At the parking lot, I ran into Bryan Shipman and a couple of friends, so Willie and I headed off on their wheel. After a couple of loops, Willie and I struck out on our own to ride Dogwood to Merlin. The trails are in great shape other than some trees that were downed across some routes during the storms of last week. Bryan had cautioned me of a big one on Merlin and another on ZigZag so, of course, we headed that way.

This big tree blocks Merlin. Bryan was geared up to start a clean-up, but count on dealing with this one for now. It's probably possible to drag a bike under it rather than wade the poison ivy around it as I did.

Willie cooling his paws and getting a drink on Merlin.

This big limb across ZigZig was more easily managed than the one on Merlin. Bryan mentioned another one or two down on other trails, so be alert!

Getting in: The Continued Confusion of Sportsman Passes

As I signed in, a friend was checking in ahead of me. He was checked in with his driver's license, insurance card, etc., in lieu of the Sportman Pass in spite of warnings that the Sportsman Pass would be required after May 1. Nobody was selling the passes last week, but they will again be available this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-6:00. At some point, the policy will get cleared up, so I suggest picking up pass if you plan to ride at Camp.

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