Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A healthy diet? Compared to.....what?

I happened to notice a TV commercial touting the healthy qualities of whole grains in one's diet. I'm not naive enough to think that food companies are promoting healthier lifestyles for any reason other than to fatten their bottom lines, but I like the trend, as it may eventually bode well for a less porky America.
I was a little disappointed to hear that this new healthy food product is......drum roll....


Start Your Child's Day Off With Healthy Chocolate Cheerios®!

Are you kidding me??
Obviously not. Now, doting moms can feel better about feeding their kids crap! Ingredient #1 is, indeed, whole grain corn. Ingredient #2 is sugar. This stuff may be better for kids than spam, but I have a hard time perceiving Chocolate Cheerios, with its 1 gram of fiber and 9 grams of sugar, as part of a healthy diet.
This may be the greatest healthy eating promotion since the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet.

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