Friday, June 10, 2016

JBarCycling Tour De France Mini-League

Sinced announcing officially the JBarCycling was going on what I'll call abbreviated hours, there has been a minor outpouring of concern. It has not been about important civic matters that affect the cycling community, nor has it been remorse over the loss of timely River Trail information or pithy insights and self-described humor.

No, the big question has been, "Are you still doing the Velogames Mini-league?"
In a word, "yes."

We had a huge response last year and good support from Spokes, Angry Dave's, Arkansas Cycling and Fitness, and Ozark Outdoor Supply with a passel of great prizes. The biggest challenge for me was to administer a system of awarding the many prizes in a manner that would spread the winning around. The prize package will likely be whittle down appreciably but I know that folks are really only playing for pride and bragging rights.........and prizes. I get it. 
This week's Daupine is a great place to get a feel for the Tour contenders, with Froome, Porte, and Contador already in a tight battle. Start thinking about your team and I'll set up the league when Velogames opens for tour business. 

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