Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Big Dam Bridge Closure- Mon-Wed, March 14-16, 7AM-5PM

The BDB will be closed next Monday-Wednesday from 7:00AM-5:00PM for inspection and maintenance, so plan accordingly.

Sunset comes an hour later starting Sunday.

Monday also marks the first weekday of Daylight Savings Time, so we can cross the bridge after 5:00 and still have a couple of hours of daylight. While I am sympathetic with the poor little school children who will be huddling at their bus stops in the early morning darkness, they'll have to lay blame on the Bush administration. My reaction to the time change is, "Yahoo", and I'll give "W" credit.

Flood or No Flood?

Yesterday, the forecast was for the Arkansas River to crest at 18.5 feet at Little Rock, which would have caused considerable trail impact on the NLR side. Today's forecast shows a peak of 13.1 feet, which would not impact the River Trail. The rain seems to be tracking further south and east than originally predicted.

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