Sunday, October 25, 2015

Roadblocks Ahead: Overlook Road and Frazier Pike

In this case, I'm being quite literal.

Overlook Road
Drainage work by the city of Little Rock will require trenching across the road at several points in order to install new culverts. City officials advise that there will be some road closures, and I will advise that there will there will surely be all sorts of sand, gravel, and debris during the course of the work.

 Pipe is staged and some work has begun at the intersection of Overlook and Rebsamen Park Road.
Unless Overlook is blocked below its intersection with Overlook Circle, riders should be able to detour around the construction.

Overlook Road is slated for resurfacing and restriping by the city of Little Rock, with that project likely take place in early 2016. The new pavement will include welcome a bike lane going uphill, and sharrows for the downhill lane.

Frazier Pike- Closed For Business
As part of the land acquisition deal for Wulspun Corporation, the company bought the right-of-way for a portion of Frazier Pike near the port of Little Rock, and has now gated the road, and has placed pipe on the surface.

Frazier Pike is easily bypassed by following the Southeast Trail route along Thibeault Road.
Frazier Pike has long been used by cyclists riding a version of the "Airport" ride to the Terry Park area, but the Southeast Trail takes riders along the parallel Thibeault Road. The closure is not a big inconvenience, but it does reduce the options for travel in the area.

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