Sunday, June 28, 2015

Game on! Velogames Tour de France JBar Minileague #25133048

In case you are not familiar with Velogames , it is a site that allows you to pick riders from the pro peloton to form a team that competes with thousands of other teams worldwide, can join minileagues in order to narrow the field and compete within your own community or circle of friends. You work with a budget of 100, and the riders all have an assigned value. Read the scoring rules if you want to gain some insight on selecting your final team. It is simple to sign up, free, and adds a new element of interest to following the Tour de France or other major races.

I have formed formed the 2015 JBar Cycling Minileague, code #25133048,  so sign in, choose your team and follow the prompts to join the league. It is very easy to go back and change your team selections right up to 1400 CET, Saturday, July 4, so you don't have to agonize over your first picks.Just get it done. I believe that cut-off  translates to 7:00AM CDT if you want procrastinate. 

Last year, we had 28 teams, with an exciting finish as Kelly Thompson edged out Team Mattox. Here is a link to one of the articles:

Some fabulous prizes were awarded to winners in various designated categories, including gift cards from Chainwwheel and Spokes , a CARVE jersey, and a couple of the exclusive JBarCycling coffee mugs.
You don't have a chance of getting one of these babies anywhere else, and it costs nothing to enter. Amazing, but true!

I made it up as I went along last year, and will be making it up some more over the next week. My goal is to spread the winning around while still awarding a good team choice. There will be also be a  DFL prize for the Lanterne Rouge,  A couple of local merchants have already agreed to help out with prizes and I'll be looking around for more. In the event that you are already in a league, you may join more than one league.


Jo said...

The mug is mine, suckers! Where does the trash talk for the JBar mini-league happen?

JBar said...

You can start right here! We currently have 35 teams. Ozark Outdoor Supply has donated some nice prizes and I'm still waiting on the other supporters to tell me what they have for the winners. I won't be accepting any winnings for myself, which means that the grand prize, whatever it may be, will go to second place!
Don't fret, though, there will be a prize for last place.
Bring it on.

J Warren said...

Team Busted Can of Biscuitss wins this year.....
If not we will win the party...