Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rider Down: Diane McConnell

Last Saturday, local rider Diane McConnell was struck by a car while riding on Kavanaugh Boulevard in Little Rock and seriously injured. She remains hospitalized in critical condition. There's little that we can do to help Diane at this time, but we can try encourage city officials to make the streets of Little Rock safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Follow the link below to and add you name to the growing number of Central Arkansas cyclists pushing for safe streets.

Little Rock Public Works Department: Improve Kavanaugh, Markham, and Capitol Ave. by installing sharrows.


Anonymous said...

I've been hit twice by careless drivers. I'd like to see some prosecutions.
I don't want to hear 'Just think how that driver feels.' Or this other classic,'The driver was uninjured.'
I hope she makes a full recovery.

Roger Smith

JBar said...

Assuming that Diane was riding in a lawful manner, the driver at the very least should get the first ticket for violating the safe passing law. I cannot understand how this law has not been enforced in incidents where a rider has been struck by a passing car.

Anonymous said...

inLooks like the 2013 Arkansas DFL Bicycle Friendliness campaign has started. Glad that penny tax went to putting ditches in the Heights and not Bike Lanes and Sharrows like we were promised. I wish Diane McConnell a speedy recovery.