Monday, June 7, 2010


From what I hear through less-than-reliable-but-not-necessarily-wrong sources, the Two Rivers Bridge is ahead of schedule.

Hmm...I was surprised to see that the commemorative brass plaque is already in place.

I either rode up the ramp or used my special telephoto lens to get this picture. If trespassing charges are pending, I'm sticking to the telephoto lens story. I noticed that the date is stated as 2009. I assume they cast the plaque as soon as the money was in hand rather than for the start of construction or the dedication. In politics, I guess you want to get your name on legacy projects before any upcoming elections and the possibility of exclusion by the will of the people.

The problem with geese: they multiply like rabbits and poop like poodles.

Turtles have been on the move, including this guy (or gal??). I don't think he's been doing much basking in the sun. Perhaps he thinks the green shag carpet look is sexy.

The practical rider: I rode from home with Diane last Saturday morning as she headed to Argenta for her weekly assault on the locally grown farmers market and the Argenta Market. While I was out rolling up some recreational miles, she was loading up on peaches, greens, tomatoes, blueberries, and some absolutely fantastic filets. While I love fresh fruit and vegetables, Diane's inability to pass up anything seasonal keeps the pressure on. I've had to be diligent to consume my share of all of the strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, lettuce and tomatoes that have rolled up the hill in those panniers. Fortunately, most of those things go well with ice cream and the rest are good with bacon and 8-grain bread.

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Jess-ee-ka said...

Had to comment here too! (Like your blog btw...) Diane and I met at the ACC whitewater school - but another good place for good local/organic food is the LR locally grown website. They've got a huge selection and pick up is Saturday morning. I've been a volunteer with it for years...and some of the same farmers at the NLR farmers market also drop their stuff off at food club. You can check out the website to see if it has anything of interest - lots of different meats for sure!
-Jessica Clendenning