Monday, May 11, 2009

Wrong Again: Clear Trail

OK, I was wrong in my speculation about the condition of the River Trail following recent flooding. I didn't expect to be able to get very far when I came off the Burns Park Loop Monday night and headed down through the soccer fields to the trail. I headed up toward Cook's landing to the BDB and the trail is dry and clean. Really clean. Then I rode back downtown and almost everything is in really good shape. The trail in front of the dog park is still a mess right now, but it's easily passed on the street. I wasn't sure if I need to thank heaven for rinsing rains or thank Pat Hays and the NLR Parks folks. I'm tired of the rain, so thanks go to the NLR folks! There was a post from the Parks Director on the ABC board stating that if the river went down, they'd have the trail clear by Tuesday and so they did!
The other thing I was wrong about is the purpose of the big pipeline at Cook's. In fact, I've been wrong about it twice, but I finally have my story straight. It is used to carry sand being pumped by a floating dredge working in front of the hydro plant. From the road, you can hear the slurry rattling through the pipe.

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