Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Rock Tweed Ride: A Charming and Resounding Success

Photo by Ian Caple and gleefully poached without permission from the Official Little Rock Tweed Ride Facebook Gallery somehowassociatedwithJamieFender, etc, etc............ (the photo credit fine print gets too fine from here on out, but whatever is required, you can assume it's there.)

OK, I'm guilty of not having posted something about this ride before now. Sometimes, it's just hard to stay ahead of all the cool stuff going on around Central Arkansas. I'm just a simple working man and it required me to write a bunch of words because I hate to just lift whole cloth from other sites like this from Arkansas Cycling and Fitness:

MASSIVE CORRECTION! This original material was from Joe Jacobs's fine Arkansas Outside.com blog . Sorry, Joe!  Good job, as usual. JB 2/1/12

The word spread quickly, plans for a gathering of bike minded crazies. Dressed in tweed on a winter Sunday, we would meet and ride. Yes, add Little Rock to the list of cities to host a tweed ride. Tweed rides are a growing part of bicycling sub-culture. No spandex, no mud, no heart-rate monitors, no power meters. Our kits (cycling lingo for riding clothes) included wool instead of nylon, old single speed bikes if we could find them, baskets, flowers, a nice hat with pearls, knickers and a bow tie. It was wonderful.

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Congratulations to the organizers, as it sounds like they had a large and diverse crowd of about 70 riders. I think I saw both moustache handlebars and handlebar moustaches in the very good news coverage of the event, along with some nifty knickers and bowler hats. Fun stuff!
I had some intentions of dropping in on the ride, but sunny skies and warm temperatures drew me to the roads west of town.

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Arkansas Mountain Biker said...

Actually, the content does not belong to ACF. It is from Joe Jacob's Arkansas Outside.


JBar said...

Thanks for getting me back on the straight and narrow!I always seem to get busted when taking shortcut. Correction made.

Vinny F said...

It was a pending success, but now that it's made it to JBar I consider it a success! Thanks for the blog, sorry you couldn't make it.