Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyclocross Sunday!! New Year Barrier at Allsopp Park

The season-closing cyclocross races are this Sunday at Allsopp Park at 11:00 AM. Details can be found at the Arkansas Cyclocross site. If you have yet to witness a 'cross race firsthand, ride on down to check it out. It is probably the most fun cycling discipline for spectators. Vino's is on board as a sponsor, so that bodes well for a good time. In fact, I'm so appreciative of their support that I think I'll drop by Vino's this evening for one of their tasty IPAs as a gesture of my gratitude. CARVE is also sponsoring the race, but I'm not aware of any of the CARVE riders making a fine beer, so they'll have to settle for my good will.

Conditions should be perfect for Sunday's races, but I'm sure that could be corrected. Race organizers have been known to find mud where there should be none.

Drop on by!

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