Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fashion Forward: Things We Already Knew

While reading Cycling News  or some other intellectually stimulating on-line publication on a recent evening, I noticed a thumbnail photo of a seemingly very well-built woman in one of those little ads/news items from "Around The Web"at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by the headline, "Objects Are Larger Than They Appear". Since the objects that had grabbed my attention already appeared to be quite large, I decided to follow the link to see just how much bigger said objects could be. The link took me to an article on the Elle.com website concerning the use of color blocking in fashion design as a tool to enhance less-than-perfect figures.

Kate Winslet showing off a dress incorporating slimming black side panels.

Being curious and really lacking in knowledge of current pop culture, I engaged in a little research to see what Kate Winslet looks like without the heavy hip camouflage afforded by the curvaceous silhouette.

Notice the difference in first impressions in the absence of black side panels.

Fashion savvy cyclists have long recognized the effect of color block design and specifically black side panels when it comes to enhancing the impression of fitness. While the simple impression of fitness won't win any races, it's better than nothin'.

This pudgy torso model is wearing a conventional jersey. Not so flattering for the less-than-perfect form.
Now, note the remarkable difference! This jersey incorporates a tapered look and slimming black side panels, resulting in a much more attractive(and less lumpy) profile.

Folks, when it comes to fashion tips, you don't need Elle. You can get everything you need right here. 
Tip of the week: Never wear brown socks on a road bike. And you shouldn't need to ask why.


Anonymous said...

I have LOL a couple of times at this post! Thanks for the laugh. Tish

Joe Jacobs said...

Are we witnessing the "softer side" of John?

heller hodge said...

Jbar the Joan Rivers of cycling?

Vinny F said...

Tweed is much more flattering!