Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Return From Beaver Creek

Hey, folks, sorry for taking leave from my very important responsibilities here. Well, maybe not really important in the big scheme of things, but I do feel an obligation to maintain some momentum at JBar Cycling; however, other duties called! We just returned from four days of excellent skiing at Beaver Creek near Avon, Colorado, with the Little Rock Athletic Club. I say "excellent skiing" in the context of the great conditions and certainly not in reference to my abilities, as I'm definitely a goob on the snow.

We were a little concerned about snow pack prior to our trip, but a good snow the week before our arrival and a winter storm on Saturday made for fabulous conditions.

I'll post more reflections on this adventure and a return to some cycling news soon, but right now I need a little rest and some time alone with this huge pile of stinky laundry.


Tom said...

when are you not a goob?

JBar said...

That's a hard question and will require research.

Dick said...

my motto is "don't be a goob!"