Monday, April 4, 2011

Back on the bike

This time of year, there are dazzling numbers of rides, races, and other event opportunities for riders. Weekday group rides are ramping up, Carti Tour de Rock training rides, CARVE, and other groups are rolling every Saturday, while mountain bike races like the Ouachita Challenge and Syllamo's revenge dot the calendar. In short, you can fill your dance card with events if you want or, if you are the more casual type, simply relish the fact that you can create your own ride event on almost any day.
I got back on the bike last Friday after four solid weeks in which I didn't throw a leg over a saddle, and I must say, it was good. I'll admit to a little anxiety since my most recent ride had ended with a trip to the emergency room, but once one the bike, I felt like I belonged. I had neither the legs nor the inclination to jump into a big group ride, but managed to fill the weekend quite handily. On Friday, I spent an hour on the road bike, then circled back to the truck, changed shoes and took my new mountain bike for a spin. Saturday saw me back on the River Trail with Diane and friend Heller Hodge, along with her pals, Michael and Jerry, with Sam Ledbetter joining us along the way. The pace was leisurely, but two hours on the bike in the beautiful conditions of the day were pure joy. It is a luxury to have so many choices. Sunday was brutally windy, but warm and sunny, making it a perfect day to slip into the woods for some single-track therapy. I'm delighted to be back on the bike with only a few aches and pains, and I am embracing that "good tired" feeling that follows.

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Joe said...

Glad to hear you're riding again.