Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Camp Robinson Post: Trails Closed Wed-Thursday April13, 14

I was just notified at 4:00PM that trails are closed today, Wednesday, also

Thanks to Bryan Shipman for sharing this information.

Training Area 2 (TA02) will be closed Thursday April 14, 2011. The trails will reopen on Friday April 15, 2011. The trails will be unavailable due to a prescribed burn.

From the Forester:

"If the weather predictions hold true for tomorrow (Thursday), we will be burning approximately 134 acres in TA-2 in an area that was previously logged last fall. This will be a hazard reduction burn using existing trails as firebreaks.

We will be burning approximately 134 acres located in Part of Section

32 -T3N - R12W, Pulaski County on tomorrow, Thursday, April 14, 2011.

We will get out there about 10:30-11:00 to get started.


Anonymous said...

my comment is due to CR trails being closed, I went to Burns to ride the new trails there. The layout is nice and it reminds me of Jackfork, however, those trees cut and left at 7 inches to 3 ft. high are dangerous! Beware! These should be cut to the ground,and,though they are painted for visibility, they need cut to the ground, then painted. The creek bed mudholes need to be addressed also.
The trail crossings (old and new) are very dangerous too. With no markings this is a T-bone accident waiting to happen. Thanks for building the trails though, as they are a good layout.

JBar said...

I am aware of the problems you mention, but the new trail sections in Burns Park are very much a work-in-progress. Some of the rough work has been done by machine by the NLR Parks in cooperation with Central Arkansas Master Naturalists volunteers. Then, volunteers have to do the finer work of taking out the stobs, prying out rocks and other steps required to produce a finished trail.Have some patience and look for opportunities to help. And, like you, I appreciate their efforts!