Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to Camp Robinson

I headed out to Camp last night for the first time in six weeks or so. I'm primarily a cool weather mountain biker, so I missed much of my favorite season to be in the woods; however, I've got a new bike, so I think I'll just have to put up with some bugs and poison ivy this summer!
Things are settling into the "new normal" after the logging that took place over the winter. The usual parking area is once again the primary trailhead and most trails are open for riding. You can find a current trail map and detailed information as provided by Bryan Shipman at the C.A.R.P. Facebook page . With the exception of some of the logged areas, trail conditions are excellent. The logged areas are still pretty raw, but the trail builders have been at work and their efforts show. Most of my favorites like Buddha, Ball of Nails and Merlin are unaffected.

I guess the "red flag" fire warnings aren't in force at Camp! Actually, these piles have likely been smoldering for days and an effort to clean up logging debris continues.

This dead tree was blown down on 10 Bridges and formed a double-wide hop that is beyond my ambitions when I'm at my best. Chainsaw work requested!
The boys have been hard at work restoring trails. Look for some work day announcements from C.A.R.P.
Ok, I had to show off my new bike, a Niner J.E.T. 9. As I escorted an injured rider back to his vehicle, I noticed Mat Seelinger's newly wrapped Spokes-mobile so I took the opportunity to use it as a backdrop. We've bought bikes from just about every shop  in town and now Spokes has been added to the list! More on the bike after I'm fit enough to give it a good workout!

It's a good time to get back out to Camp. I've enjoyed riding at Burns Park over the winter, but Camp Robinson offers more miles and more variety. Judging by the two pages of rider sign-ins last night, I'm not the only one who feels that way. There were 3-4 groups out and about, with Wednesday being the big weekday for the venue. Head out on a Tuesday or Thursday before 6:00PM to get your Sportsman Pass if you have not done so. It's only $10.00, it's quick, it's easy and it's a good excuse to head out for a ride!

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andy h said...

I rode at Camp this weekend on Saturday morning. I have been riding in Hot Springs or at Burns Park since all the logging began at Camp. All I can say is WOW. They cut the hell out of that place, in effect, taking out a ton of awesome trails. This is not a bitch or a gripe, just a factual statement. I rode the "new" Yucca trail over to the road that connects to Portopotty. What was once an awesome, easy free flowing trail is now a hiking trail. CAMP needs some folks out there to do some riding and some big workdays. Let me know when I can help and I will gladly bring my tools.

On a good note, the older trails are in great condition and were a blast to ride, even though I only had 1.5 hours to ride.