Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Rivers Bridge News!

Work continues at a brisk pace on the Two Rivers Bridge, with the final piers being poured and the steel truss sections arriving over the last couple of days.

The truss sections were shipped in on trucks, assembled on barges and moved out into the river.

The entire span will be assembled and then lifted in one piece.

These trailers carrying the two halves of the next section arrived on Wednesday. The last two trailers were on the road and expected to arrive Wednesday night.

There is no set schedule for the lift, but I hope that I get some notice so that I can be there! Everything will be done and ready before the lift starts, because once it is in the air, they don't want to put it back down anywhere but in its place on the piers. The rest of the horizontal structure is also moving right along. I was told that within the next couple of weeks, "people looking at it from I-430 will see a bridge".


anoncow said...

I'm really stoked at the concept of coming back 'home' from Austin and riding on this soon. Now if Little Rock would just offend an rich old guy and finish the trail.

JBar said...

Just come on over to the sunny side;North Little Rock, that is. We're connected! I'm not optimistic about Little Rock's ambitions, but Pulaski County and NLR are rolling on without them. This is becoming a great bike town.

anoncow said...

That it is. I 'like' Little Rock, but the North side has it going on in terms of cycling, seeing the only project on the south side is the west expansion (which should make for some great rides). Since I'm headed in this weekend, I'm planning on getting my ride on over north.

I'd love to see some inter-county cooperation and a route between Conway and NLR (hitting Maumelle, maybe a side trail up to Mayflower) - would make for lots of fun and really great rides (LR->Conway on trail, hit 64 out west and pretty clean riding all the way to Fort Smith).