Sunday, October 17, 2010

CARPe Diem Rocks!!! And Rolls Again Sunday!! Schwag Outstanding!

More than eighty fat tire aficionados prepare to roll out for the Orbea Schwag Ride at CARPe Diem.

The CARPe Diem Mountain Bike Festival got underway on Saturday with a huge Orbea schwag ride, short track races and a cook-out followed by a "Huffy toss". More than eighty riders signed up for the schwag ride and every rider received a schwag bag stuffed with lock-on grips or mountain bike tires, along with the usual Clif bars and water bottles. This was some really premium schwag!! Thanks to C.A.R.P., Orbea, Chainwheel, Competitive Cyclist, Arkansas Cycling and Fitness and anybody I may be missing!

Riders had a sticker placed on their bars at a check point along the trail that coincided with a numbered bag. The system broke down a little, but everybody got a bag full of some really great stuff. When word gets out about the fat bags, the next schwag ride will likely be overwhelmed by a huge number of riders. You know that riders all love free stuff!

The Orbea folks had plenty of sweet trail rigs on hand for demos. At least one of my fellow riders was having a hard time deciding between giving up his demo bike and handing over a credit card! (How'd that work out for you, Josh?)

Chainwheel's Sarah Miller demonstrates her Huffy tossing technique.

The rules were more blurry than this photo as the judges are faced with a decision: "Mark the toss at the frame or at the saddle?" It was decided to give it to the saddle, which flew from the bike upon impact.

CARPe Diem continues on Sunday.

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