Friday, October 29, 2010

Quality of Life: Argenta Market

Both of my parents were from North Little Rock and I've lived here for my entire life, save for a couple of short stints in Fayetteville and in Memphis. It's always been home and an OK place to live, if for no other reason than that it is easy to get out of town and off to the creeks and hills. In the last few years, I've come to be very excited about my home town. I love the vibe of the River Trail, the River Market, and Argenta. A jewel of North Little Rock's Main Street is the Argenta Market. It's truly a neighborhood market, featuring some of the best meat in town (Vegans, skip this: If you want a really good steak, pick up a couple of their dry aged tenderloin filets. You need the protein!) and  fresh local produce when available. They have pretty much everything you might need in the way of groceries, plus Boulevard bread, Community Bakery pastries, and prepared meals to go from the same busy kitchen that feeds the lunch crowd. They also serve breakfast on Saturday morning and the place is like a neighborhood social center.

I hopped on the CARVE Saturday morning ride out East early last Saturday morning. With 50 miles on my legs and an empty belly, I rolled into the Argenta Market for Eggs Benedict.Mmmmmmm! It's my habit to have "second breakfast" after my weekend rides, no matter the time of day. I was very pleased to see the entry to the market decorated with pumpkins, locally grown greens, and several bicycles.

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Joe said...

Saturday mornings will often find my wife and I riding the river trail to Argenta Market for breakfast and a few essentials. Glad to see they finally got some real bike racks outside.