Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fort Roots-Emerald Park Spur

North Little Rock recently opened a stretch of trail that begins at the top of the Fort Roots climb (take Paul Duke Drive off of River Rd. near the skate park) and extends along the bluff line f or about 1/ 2 mile. The new pavement allows access to the spectacular views without having to enter the Fort Roots VA complex. I believe that the plan is for this to eventually connect to the paved paths in Emerald Park to the west.

The new trail entry intersects the road near the top of the Fort Roots climb.

The new pavement ends at this turn-around. 
You can continue several hundred yards further on a combination of hard packed dirt path and an older asphalt strip.

The drop from the turn-around is precipitous.

The new path is wide and smooth, but not a good place to practice your eyes-closed riding!

North Little Rock is serious about bike infrastructure!

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