Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tri County Shakedown: Think team time trial on open roads of varying surfaces. Think glory. Think personal challenge.

Think bikes. Think beer. Stop thinking now. I got reports that the Scott Tucker Scott Spring Classic was big fun, so this could be the event for you!

Justin Starks at Chainwheel asked me to help spread the word on this June 9 event. Here's the lowdown from the Facebook page:
Think team time trial on open roads of varying surfaces. Think glory. Think personal challenge.
It's happening again! If you participated in the Scott Tucker Scott Spring Classic you understand. For those of you who have only heard the whispers of the epic tales...

On June 9th ten teams of five riders will navigate unsupported roads filled with potential - the potential for glory. Total mileage is roughly 85mi. with roughly nine miles of road bike rideable gravel. Each team will be handicap...
ped and team times count when the last team rider crosses the finish line. Entry is $50 plus two six packs of your favorite bottled beverage per team with 100% of entries going to the purse.

Race start location and start time will be announced at a later date

Official entries must be made by e-mail and race fees must be paid by mail or in person. If you haven't registered, remember that there will be no "day of" registration - preregistration only.

Here's what we need to make your registration official:
1 - Team Name
2 - A check for $50.00 (or cash)
3 - A list of team members including age, sex and race category

You can send email to or snail mail to Justin Slarks C/O Chainwheel 10300 Rodney Parham Road Little Rock, AR 72227

Answers to frequently asked questions:
~ Digital maps will be delivered 24 hrs prior to start
~ Hard copy maps will be given at race start
~ Think of it as a self supported team time trial
~ Team's time counts when the last member finishes
~ Route details have not been released, but count on 85 miles
~ Event is non-sanctioned and course is not marshalled
~ Road surfaces are varied and include some gravel
~ Teams are self supported - no outside help
~ Preregistration required (see above)
~ Five person teams are any combo of men and women
~ Race entry fees are $50.00 plus two six packs of the team's favorite beverage
~ 100% of entries go into prize purse

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