Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forming Now! "No Drop" Winter Group Rides

Are you looking forward to a winter of cold, lonely rides, legs growing pasty white and more hairy by the day? Or, worse yet, watching your hard earned fitness disappear beneath the rubble of beer bottles, pizza boxes and Cheeto bags that surrounds your La-Z-Boy recliner?
Would you rather skip the lights, tights and shoe covers and sweat it out on a nice warm ride with a bunch of like-minded motivated cyclists? A ride on which you will never be dropped?
Well, folks, it ain't the vision of paradise that is currently running through your mind, but it's an option. Scotti and Ernie are offering indoor cycling classes at the Chainwheel to help you get through the winter without becoming a blob and perhaps even help you roll into next spring with better fitness than you have now!

I'm not a poster boy for training discipline and I will readily admit to an aversion to the trainer (the device, not Ernie!), but there is probably no better way to stay fit or get fit than a regular supervised program that is cycling specific. You may not see me on the trainer, but in exchange for this pitch I expect Scotti to send me a list of the stars of this class. And those folks can expect me to be latched to their wheel come spring.

Just got word that spots are filling fast. Make the call if you're interested.

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