Wednesday, October 26, 2011


OK, this is some real bullshit, but two local riders have had their bikes stolen in the last couple of days. I hope it's not a sign of things to come as dirtbags learn the value of bikes and find a market.

The bike in the photo was stolen last weekend. If you see this unique bike, let Jonathan Sebring know. It was stolen early Sunday morning in Little Rock. I don't have his info, but you can contact Arkansas Cycling and Fitness.

This bike was stolen from Jeff Pascoe   []. It was equipped with Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels when stolen.

I have no idea how to chase these bikes down, other than checking Craig's List, E-Bay and local pawn shops. As riders, we need to keep an eye out for high-end bikes in unlikely places. A guy riding down the sidewalk in an overcoat carrying his belongings in a trash sack is unlikely to be the legitimate owner of an S-Works road bike with carbon wheels.

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Anonymous said...

They sometimes hit the local shop asking for help with those goofy valves.