Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Rock Epic: Cancelled

The April 18 Rock Epic event at Camp Robinson has been cancelled due to policy changes at the facility. The specific issues are unknown to me at this time, but I understand that there are also to be some procedural changes at Camp, possibly including a requirement for mountain bikers to purchase a "sportsman's pass" . More on that as I gather the details.

I am disappointed in this cancellation. I had no intention of racing, but would have enjoyed the scene and I believe that this kind of community event is good for cycling. While I understand that Camp Robinson is an active military facility and that its mission is the priority of the administration, I would hope that future events can be accommodated. The mountain bike area is pretty well isolated from active areas of Camp, so I would think such activities would have very little operational impact. The trails are a great asset to the area so I hope that access doesn't once again become in issue. I've just really started to appreciate the place!

From the DLT Sports website:

"The Rock Epic

Must Read!

It greatly saddens me to write this note. We here at DLT Event Management and CARP (Central Arkansas Recreational Peddlers) have placed a significant amount of effort and time to prep the trails and into pulling together the details to offer The Rock Epic Mt Bike Race.

March 31, 2010 it came as a complete surprise to us that significant policy changes were issued from Camp Robinson (an active military base, and where the MTB trails are located for The Rock ). These changes are putting us into a no win situation and thus a cancellation of The Rock Epic which was scheduled for April 18, 2010.

For those that have preregistered, we will send you a check refunding your entry fee, you should receive this within 2 weeks.

For those that have volunteered their time and effort in prepping the trails, thank you very much.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause you. "

from dlt sports

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