Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Bridges: What a waste of money!

We've all heard it from the cranks in regard to the Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Bridge, though I haven't heard a whimper about that $135 Million to widen I-40 to Conway. I'm sure that developers in Conway are looking forward to another wave of flight from Little Rock and the trucking industry will enjoy the subsidy.
Apparently, though, there are more than a few folks who appreciate the value of fitness, outdoor recreation, and quality-of-life.
This from Max Brantley's Arkansas Times blog:

* BRIDGES TO SOMEWHERE: The Pulaski County Road and Bridge Department says electronic counters show 57,371 people used the new Two Rivers Park pedestrian bridge April 10-May 7. In 2011, 100,000 people used the nearby Big Dam Bridge, based on security camera monitors. That means the Two Rivers bridge could exceed Big Dam Bridge traffic. Building the bridges to encourage people to get outside apparently "is working," the county says.

Yep, I'd say it is working just fine, and based on the streams of riders, walkers, runners and skaters crowding the bridges earlier this evening, I'd say those numbers will just grow as more and more Central Arkansas residents discover the recreational gold in our backyard.


Jonny Meyer said...

I'd have to say that even though I live in our nations Capitol City now, I'm very jealous that DC and Baltimore do not have the cycling and outdoor recreational infrastructure that Central Arkansas Has. The BDB and the river trail system should be a model for every american city interested in increasing the quality of life and joy for it's citizens. Anyone who bitches about the cost of such improvements should be bitch-slapped and then be given a bicycle.

Rick James said...

I think everyone should be bitch- slapped and then given a bicycle! Rick James

Joe Jacobs said...

You know if it was the interstate and it was exceeding estimated usage the highway department would spend a few million to expand (widen) it. What if we thought of pedestrian/cycling infrastructure the same way? Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

Unknown said...

During the construction of the BDB, there were a lot of grumblings the money should have been used to expand, yet again, our county jail. Funding details aside, I've never heard anyone make the comment... "I/we want to move to (insert city name)because they have such a wonderful county jail."

She Said said...

Give me a bike! Please!