Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dr. Feelgood Star-Spangled Classic Criterium: 4th of July

Sometime last winter, while cruising the flats of the Grand Prairie with the CARVE Saturday morning ride, Sean Clancy and Sid Degarmo told me of plans to reinvigorate CARVE. As a matter of background, I had had several conversations in previous months with some local riders who had expressed disappointment with the lack of racing opportunities in Central Arkansas in general and the seeming demise of CARVE as a race team and producer of racing talent specifically, so Sean and Sid had my attention. As spring rolled around, it became apparent that the CARVE guys were serious about introducing some new energy to the cycling community. The CARVE kick-off party was a big success and was followed by a string of event announcements for everything from mountain bike races to beginner rides. Add to that the large fields and hot competition of the Burns Park summer criterium series, and you've got some real momentum! To top off the crit season, CARVE is taking it downtown with the Dr Feelgood Star-Spangled Classic Criterium, with proceeds from the event going to benefit CARTI and the Carve Youth Program. CARTI is a great cause and is a natural tie to the growing race scene given the success and popularity of the CARTI  Tour de Rock. I'm also delighted to see the number of young riders hitting the road, and the CARVE Youth Program will help more young riders enter the sport.

In case you have wondered, Dr. Feelgood is Dr. Steve Tilley, a long-time rider and supporter of the local cycling scene. John Kelly, another local racer and the organizer of some big-time races in the past, graces this event flyer.

Thanks to Michael Maddox for providing me with the event information. There will be more details coming soon in the form of a press release.

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