Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trail Love, Ride and Picnic - An Invitation From CATA

Here is a post on behalf of the fine folks at CATA. Bruce Alt and the gang are doing good things, including the upcoming Big Rock Mountain Bike festival.
More on the Big Rock Fest later, but here's something for this Saturday, September 13, at Boyle Park.

Please share this special invitation with your mountain biking and cycling friends. We (Central AR Trail Alliance) are going to have a special Trail Love, Ride and Picnic this Saturday, Sept. 13 in Boyle Park to prepare the trails for the Oct. 4 Big Rock Mtn. Bike Festival and Take a Kid MTB Day.

We will start at 7:30 am but come any time; trail work will be finished by 11 so we can ride.

We are going to build another short bridge, actually use our new ProHoe tools (donated by Bell and Company MTB Team) to build a short section of new trail (reroute), trim and groom existing trails, ride the kid's and intermediate trails, and picnic together afterward.

Meet at Pavilion #3 in the northwest corner of Boyle Park, 7:30 am. Bring all the usual tools, including loppers, brushcutters, rakes and blowers. 

Note to Moms and Dads: this will be a very "kid friendly" Trail Love event, including bridge painting, so bring your junior riders for the stewardship and trail fun!


P.S. Why not invite a cycling friend to come with you and see what CATA is all about?

4888 Pearl East Circle, Suite 200E
Boulder, CO 80301-CO
United States
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