Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Petition Requesting Action On Recent Criminal Mischief On The River Trail

The recent actions by some folks, who I would normally refer to as "a--holes" were this not getting some mainstream media attention, have gotten a rise out of our community.

Yes, I refer to the tack attacks!

Marlisa Goldsmith of  KTHV has done a couple of stories. THV seems to do a good job of following local stories that affect me. (When I clicked on the THV link for this article, there was a graphic of the 911 Medallions, a topic on which I just posted)

Many of you have likely seen a request to sign a petition requesting that:

"Pulaski County Sheriff's Office and Little Rock City Officials: Monitor the Arkansas River Trail to deter individuals from putting tacks on the roads, send street sweepers, & charge culpable individuals once found.."

 along with the request that you post the petition on Facebook.

Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It's easy to share with your friends on Facebook - just click here to share the petition on Facebook.

There's also a sample email below that you can forward to your friends.

Thanks again -- together we're making change happen,

Kayla Applegate

I would encourage each of my readers to sign the on-line petition (link above or right here). While I fully realize that the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department has its hands full with robberies, thefts, crazed meth heads, killers, litter bugs, shootings, and all sorts of other more serious crime, I do think that it is important that cyclists are recognized as a constituency and that we deserve the protections that governments owe the citizenry.
Many of the residents in western Pulaski County don't like the fact that they must share "their" roads with us. Most of them take a deep breath, slow down for the few moments it takes to safely pass cyclists, and move on. Some even express pleasure at the fact that so many people are out on bikes enjoying the place we call home. Unfortunately, there are a few who respond by buzzing us, honking, threatening, roaring by at crazy speed and, yes, by throwing tacks on the road. I know that Judge Villines and the PCSD get complaints from motorists about cyclists, but I've never had any of my ride bunch stop and call to complain when drivers pass unsafely. Experience says that such a call would not be taken seriously and might get a laugh fro the dispatcher.

Sign the petition. It shows support for our community and may remind officials that there a few hundred or, better yet, a few thousand, voters out there watching.

One more thing: If we want to be treated with respect out on the road, then we have to give respect as well. Some ride groups act like entitled gaggles out there. When traveling busy roads like Pinnacle Valley, especially at  peak times after work, line up and give cars a chance to pass safely. The mellow guy patiently following behind you can turn into a floor boarding nut given enough time. Call out "car back", acknowledge the driver so he'll know that you're working with him, and allow him to pass as soon as is safe.

And, thank-you, Kayla Applegate for taking the initiative.


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