Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Approach to The Gran Fondo

Correction: I had stated that timing chips would be in use for this event. I just got word from organizers that they had made a decision not to use chips. The goal is for riders to enjoy the experience and chips often create a race mindset. You can still go as fast as you want to, or, as is the case for most of us, as fast as you can.

The first Little Rock Gran Fondo is fast approaching, and I'm told that fewer than 25 slots remain, so it's time to get on board or be left behind! It promises to be a fun event from the champagne toast before the 8:00AM Saturday roll out to the Pop On Main fine dining event.
I dropped by the Spokes Coffee Bar at Orbea,USA, last Friday and had a short visit with Tony Karklins and Jason Warren. They were still working out last-minute arrangements, but it sounds like things have come together nicely.

Jason Warren, of title sponsor Arvest Bank, and Tony Karklins looking over some deluxe RVs that a client is bringing out for the Gran Fondo.
Warren modeling the LRGF jersey in this Facebook selfie. Speculation was running rampant as the whether the photoshopped torso was that of Alberto Contador or Kate Moss.
I'm looking forward to the Gran Fondo, with a plan that emphasizes pleasure over pain and plush over rush. Race your heart out if you so desire. I want to check out the food.
Here's a link to an earlier article with details.

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