Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Sunday

After a mostly dreary weekend, this this past Sunday became the kind of beautiful spring afternoon that we have all been yearning for. The result was a very busy River Trail, particularly around the BDB.

Sunday evening crowds are often pretty sparce, but sunshine and mild temperatures brought out the crowds.
Ongoing work at River Mountain Park has limited access to Two Rivers Bridge, so parking was at a premium at the Big Dam Bridge. Even at 6:30PM, cars were parked along Rebsamen Park Road past Overlook Dr.
Credit where credit is due! I've been pretty hard on efforts to get this repair done, but contractors at the River Mountain Road culvert replacement project were still hard at work at 7:00PM on Sunday.
Ok, all boys like to watch big machines at work so I shot a little video with that in mind! Our younger nephews are no exception and I'll bet that Diane gets a link to Alex, Nicco, and Sam.

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