Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Rivers Bridge Dedication: Friday 11:30 AM

Two Rivers Bridge, Little Rock approach, as of June 22, 2011. I'm sure that it will be slightly more festive on Friday.

The dedication of the Two Rivers Bridge is tomorrow at 11:30, and is open to the public. While the information is less than totally clear, it appears that folks will be able to walk onto the bridge, but no mention of bikes. That said, parking is limited and bikes are the most practical mode of transportation to get there. Bring a lock and some flip-flops if you've a mind to, in the event bikes are not allowed and you want to take a look. There are a few groups forming up around town to ride to the event. Diane and the Garver gang will ride from their building in the NorthShore Business Park at 10:45, and will stop by Cook's Landing shortly thereafter to gather any riders who may wish to join them.
This was posted on a mail list recently by Joe Jacobs and passed along by Sean Clancy:
Next Friday, July 8th, is the dedication of the Two Rivers Park Bridge.
>>> The dedication happens at 11:30 and will be attended by United State
>>> Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. It is uncertain that we will be able
>>> to ride across the bridge, they are recommending "Casual/Comfortable flat
>>> shoes." BACA is recommending that people carpool because parking would be at
>>> a premium.
>>> So here's my idea:
>>> Meet at the parking lot at Cajun's at 10:30 am for a group ride to the
>>> bridge to show our support to the city, local media and the Secretary of
>>> Transportation for bike friendly routes and the use of Federal
>>> Transportation dollars to construct them.
>>> The ride would be very casual (hence the hour long time frame) all bike
>>> styles (road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, etc.) would be welcome. I only
>>> ask that to ride with the group you wear a helmet. It would also be cool if
>>> someone wanted to form a similar group to come from the North Little Rock
>>> side or maybe even a group coming from West Little Rock down River Mountain
>>> Road to all converge at the base of the bridge at the same time. I figure
>>> everyone makes their own way back.
>>> Although the flyer below has an RSVP number, I just talked with Judge
>>> Villines office and was told that would be unnecessary.

It's a work day for most of us, but I think that it is very important that we show  Judge Villines and Sec. LaHood the appreciation of the community, so lunch can go a little long. The sentiment for funding such projects is low among some vocal segments of the population, so we need to support the folks who have the foresight to invest in alternative transportation, fitness and better health for our citizenry.

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