Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spokes: New Sunday Morning Ride

The fine folks at Spokes have announced a new Sunday morning group ride. Here are the details as provided by Regina Seelinger:

The Sunday morning ride leaves the sub at 6:00 am, we go about 25 miles, 15-17 average speed, no drop. We leave the sub and go to the LR side, go past the shop, stop at Starbucks on Kavanaugh for coffee and donuts, go down Overlook, cross the BDB, then back to the sub. It's a fun ride. After the new bridge opens our route may change.

This looks like a nice early morning ride and they specifically mention donuts. That should pull 'em in! The Spokes folks are a friendly group and you can be sure that you'll be made to feel welcome.

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