Friday, March 11, 2011

Ready Or Not: Spring Is Upon Us

I must admit that I've had my moments over the last several days, but things look much better than they did a week ago and I'm already looking forward to that next perfect spring day out on the bike. Too bad it's not going to be tomorrow for me! I have been eagerly awaiting the change to Daylight Savings Time and the beginning of longer evening rides along the River Trail. In the winter, as much as anything else, I miss the sense of community that comes with riding along the trail. My injuries are going to keep my off of the bike a while longer,but not necessarily off of the trail, so beware that you may be called out by a shuffling pedestrian if you misbehave or look like you're having too much fun. Perhaps I'll stand on the BDB and remind everyone of the 5 MPH speed limit, then come home and write an article concerning reports of another nutjob reminding riders of the 5 MPH speed limit on the BDB. If I can't ride, I've got to get my material wherever I can find it.
This should be a great weekend, so I hope that all of you can get out and ride to your heart's content. I will be slightly envious, but my legs are good and I can do some lunges while watching pro bike racing so that when I do come back I won't embarrass myself by having to walk my bike up the BDB. Besides, I'm well marked with purplish/ yellow bruises and scabbed over road rash,so I may want to wait until I'm a little prettier before making my spring debut.
Have fun folks and I'll look forward to hearing all the excellent ride reports that I can stand.

A special thanks Diane for her patience and to Robin for having my back at the hospital. Same goes to those of you who dropped by the hospital or have carted me around this week. I had just as much company as I could comfortably bear and I appreciate every call and note. I have some very special people in my life. You can call me Mr. Lucky

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