Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old Munitions Found In Burns Park Trails Area

I don't have details on any trail closures, but signs have been posted at trailheads.


From Fox16:

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – While building trails in Burn Park, North Little Rock Parks and Recreation staff found three old artillery rounds, one mortar, and one fuse in the park.

Among other emergency crews, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team from the Little Rock Air Force Base responded. They determined that the munitions were stable and took them to the Air Force Base.

According to NLR Parks and Recreation, this is not the first time that old munitions have been found in Burns Park, but it is the largest discovery of them. Burns Park includes 1,526 acres of land that used to belong to Camp Robinson/Camp Pike and Ft. Roots.

The area was searched by Parks and Recreation staff and they did not find any other munitions. The recommend calling the North Little Rock Police if you are in the park and find dangerous items within it.

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