Sunday, January 2, 2011


1-1-11 Happy New Year!
OK, I'm a day late with an article, but Saturday was busy, starting with a reasonably early road ride on a day that never came close to the forecast sunny 50 degrees.

Steve Shepherd and Doug Pope called this New Year's Day ride out west for an 8:30 AM start. 

As I considered my options for the first ride of the new year, I developed a check-off list of possibilities, ranging from the 7:30 CARVE ride to the 11:11AM CARP mountain bike cruise to Chris Irons's 1:00PM start. The 8:30 start worked well for my wake-up time, so I headed to the Coffee Beanery on the damp, gray, cold morning, with the full expectation of sunshine and warmer temps. The ride was just about right, 35 miles of moderate hills and civilized pace with a congenial crew, but the weather was a picture of consistency, maintaining a steady 37 degrees and no hint of the promised sun. Other than the weather, the other small disappointment was the post-ride coffee at the Coffee Beanery. I'm not any kind of a foofoo coffee guy, but my expectation of a robust, strong cup of full-flavored coffee was met by a cup of what could as easily have been the Folgers at a Motel 6 breakfast buffet. The coffee did not detract from the ride experience, however, which I would describe as "just right".

Backing up a few hours to New Year's Eve......
Chris Shaw made a good pitch for SPAM, though there were still no takers.

We joined a small group of friends to celebrate the coming of 2011 at the home of Chris and Rebecca Irons. This bunch was heavy on the triathlete crowd, so I guess there was a little relief in getting off of the training diet.

My favorite was Cheetos with Easy Cheese, though I do prefer "quick-fried to a crackly crunch" over the baked version.

In a toast to the voice of reason, we celebrated the new year with the folks at Times Square, allowing our charming hostess to tip her champagne glass at a more comfortable hour for this crew of eary risers.

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