Friday, January 28, 2011

Forecast: Festive Saturday On The River Trail. Be There.

With tomorrow's Little Rock weather calling for sunny and a January balmy 71 degrees, I expect a huge crowd of enthusiasts of all varieties to hit the River Trail and I plan to be among them. After considering a range of road rides, I decided to sleep as late as I want, let things warm a bit, then ride on down to the trail. I'm recovering from a bout with some small, evil bug so I went out to Camp for an easy hour this afternoon with dog Willie, but I hear that the trail was hopping with riders in the warm sunshine. With Saturday's near-tropical forecast being followed Sunday by a return to drizzly cold, Saturday will be a fine day for a ride and a grand social event. One of the great things about our riding situation is that we can ride to the trail from most parts of town and from there do virtually any kind of ride that we want to do. Along the way, you will almost always cross paths with other riders that you know. During the course of a couple of hours, I might fall into a group ride, pair up with a buddy for a while, ride solo some, do some hills, do some flats, ride fast and ride slow, head out on the road or just stick to the trail, and that's just on the road bike. If you rolled on fat tires, there are plenty of additional options for dirt. After feeling like a cave-dweller for a couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to a rejuvenating day of sunshine, socializing and casual riding. And we just happen to live in one of the better communities around to do just that.

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