Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Continuing (good) Story of Camp Robinson

As reported, the Camp Robinson trails are getting good use and are in great shape. I got the following in a note from a reliable unofficial source:

Parking: The regular CARP parking lot for TA02 is open for parking. Winter

Parking area remains open until further notice.

Closed Trails/Restricted Area: 5 mile, Dogwood (South of Merlin), Freeway,
Yucca, Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree Extension, and Ten Bridges remain

closed until further notice. Currently when parking in the regular parking

lot, riders will need to utilize Pipeline, Zig Zag, or Double Dip to access

Shipwreck and the rest of the open trails.

SAFETY: Riders should avoid leaning trees, lodged limbs in treetops, and

other debris. Riders need to remain out of the logging areas until the

affected trails are reopened.

Coming Soon: Dogwood has been marked and will be cleared and reopened

in the next few weeks.

 The other open trails offer plenty of action and the re-opening of Dogwood will do a lot to restore normal access. For now, I would still suggest using the winter parking area unless you want to ride Pipeline-Shipwreck-Merlin or Zig-Zag. The riders who have rediscovered Camp are excited about the trail conditions and there are actually positive comments about the Sportsmans Pass system and the less complicated sign-in procedure. Of course, that feedback comes from the "haves". If you're a mountain biker and you're still a "have not", head out to Camp on a Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00 and 6:00 to get your pass.


Anonymous said...

Ok. I finally got the opportunity to get to Camp since the logging started. The guard who was at the desk made checkin really easy with the Sportman's pass. (This was not the case the first 20 times I used my Sportmans Pass earlier this year.)

Shipman and crew have obviously put a lot of work into the trails. I went on a night ride on Tuesday with Shipman and Rodney Small. The trails we rode were very clear and fairly tame. We had a good time and zero incidents. I will try to make it a goal to get out to Camp once a week if i get time.
Get out and ride!

-Chris Randle

JBar said...

I was thinking about the challenges of mtb night riding with my limited light power, but realized that Camp would be good for it right now, as the whole area is a blanket of leaves except for where we cleared trail, making the track much easier to see.