Monday, June 28, 2010

Tour Buzz

The Tour starts this week and the buzz is growing! I'm pumped about the racing but fear it will be overshadowed by a series of Lance/doping bombs as the New York Times prepares to release another Floyd-based article while reporters and prosecutors salivate at the prospect of world-wide notoriety.

That aside, I'm ready to start looking at stage schedules and setting my DVR and computer to "record series". Having Contador, the Schlecks, Vinokourov, Lance Armstrong, Ivan Basso all in the same Tour de France allows us to see two generations of the best. I hope that the Tour is an epic battle on the bikes and that racing doesn't take a back seat to scandal.


rmooney said...

I am pumped too, I think the biggest weakness contador has is in the first week on the cobbles, saxo has cobble kings to protect the Slecke bros, and lance looked good in flanders, it will be fun to watch, but the + has to go to contador????? and is there anyway we can get floyd off lemonds payrole??

Jo said...

Floyd BITES! I feel so betrayed!

JBar said...

They say that confession is good for the soul, but the fact is that it usually sucks for everybody. I don't condone doping, nor am I a proponent of judging the actions of a decade ago by today's standards. I think Floyd's life sucks, not because he doped but because he denied it so vehemently and in doing so made dupes of all those who believed in him. Now he's determined to spread the suck around. Sad, Floyd. You should have taken your two years and moved on.